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    Tuesday, January 19, 2016
    Community Leaders Launch “One Henry” Economic Effort

    Henry County’s economy is poised to make positive strides, and a diverse group of leaders from various industry sectors within the county are leading the charge of a newfound coalition.
    One Henry, a community and business effort centered on people, partnerships, and economic prosperity, was first discussed in its infancy at the Henry County Chamber of Commerce’s Intergovernmental Retreat two years ago.  The impetus for the effort was to build on the positive things already taking place in Henry County while providing more opportunities for the county’s continued growth and attracting more businesses to one of the key logistical hubs in the southeastern United States.
    Modeled after the successful, award-winning Economics and Education (E2) Taskforce, which helped the county realize a new college and career academy for the public school system and brought the county building one of an eight-building campus for Southern Crescent Technical College, One Henry will be focused on five key areas as identified by the group’s steering committee.  The five areas/subcommittees are as follows:
    • Industrial Hub and Advanced Manufacturing
    • Workforce Development
    • Professional and Corporate Services
    • Arts and Leisure
    • Image and Communications
    Subcommittees are being formed for each target area with the goal of engaging community stakeholders in helping the county’s economy advance and become a leader in the Metro Atlanta market.  The emphasis for each group centers on items and objectives that would provide a large impact for their respective focus area.  Work and successes of the subcommittees will be revealed over the coming months with the county and region standing to gain from the positive progress and collaboration. 
    Geoff Cauble (Chairman, Henry County Development Authority) and Leonard Moreland (President & CEO, Heritage Bank), co-chairs for the group, know the work ahead will not be quick, but in the end it will be rewarding for all citizens of Henry County.
    “We have an opportunity in life to stand by and watch things happen around us, or we can participate and try to shape the future,” said Moreland.  ”The One Henry project provides an opportunity for leaders and community members in Henry County to try and build a better Henry County for the next generations to come.”
    Subcommittee chairs were able to make two presentations to community leaders towards the end of 2015.  Leaders gathered at the Chamber of Commerce’s annual Intergovernmental Retreat in Savannah and additional leaders gathered at the Henry County Schools’ Academy for Advanced Studies to hear more details about the vision of the One Henry effort and pledge support to the mission.
    One Henry’s mission is to improve the economic prosperity and wellness of the citizenry and business landscape in Henry County.  Its success hinges on engaging citizens by establishing key partnerships locally, statewide, and nationally to help propel Henry County and its economy forward as one of the strongest in the region.
    A new website and social media presence will be unveiled and launched soon to provide community members information on efforts and growth as it happens.  Surrounding counties in Metro Atlanta and communities across Georgia and beyond the state’s borders will be impacted by the positive work of this effort, but according to the One Henry leaders, it all starts in the county with a dedicated group of individuals working to make a difference for everyone.
    “We recognize that there are a lot of talented people working hard in our community to make positive changes,” said Geoff Cauble, One Henry co-chair.  “One Henry is an opportunity to bring all of those people together and begin to coordinate our efforts to make Henry County a regional leader in education, business, and the arts.”
    Submitted by JD Hardin – Image & Communications Co-Chair – One Henry
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