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    Tuesday, August 15, 2017
    Burris Logistics Hosts Open House

    Pictured L to R: Ronald Kaphers, Brian Kyle, Michael Piscitelli, John Hocmuth, and Michael Pitcher

    Burris Logistics, a nationally-recognized industry leader in temperature-controlled logistical solutions, announced earlier this year that they are expanding their distribution network with a new PRW Plus facility in McDonough, GA. The warehouse will allow Burris to further enhance a growing network of refrigerated warehouses, strengthening customer service. Construction of the new 250,000 square foot facility is scheduled to be completed in January 2018

    General Manager Ron Kaphers of Burris McDonough PRW Plus held his first "Open House" event on last week which was focused on retention and value of previous Burris talent from the company's Welcome All Road facility. The Open House was hosted by Southern Crescent Technical College's Henry County Center.


    This event gave previous team members the opportunity to collaborate with the McDonough facility and Corporate leadership in an one on one session focused on Burris’ commitment to excellence and fulfilling the company's promise to team members to "keep them informed" of the McDonough construction process and possible opportunities coming up with Burris McDonough PRW Plus.
    The Open House was a packed event full of previous team members that want and desire to become part of Burris again.
    For more information about Burris Logistics, visit

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